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Mariana Carneiro
Sep 03, 2021
In Device Support
I have an Audiomoth device that had a problem the last time I tried to use it. I brought media attached to this message to better explain the error. The appliance is new, has been used 2 or 3 times and has worked fine before. LED lights behave properly, flashing red during recording, flashing green on sleep cycle. Voltage is 4.8. Sandisk Ultra 16GB USH-I class 10 card that works well on another recording device (Tascam DRMKII). Tests were done changing the card to Kingston HC-I v10, the batteries to new ones, resetting to DEFAULT and CUSTOM modes, and downgrading the flash to a previous version 1.5.0, and also making short recordings. But none of this had any different effect. Note that I used a setting of 600s of recording and 60 seconds of pause. Even trying other schedules, with shorter recordings, the error persisted. And I even tried to program it on a different OS, Windows and Linux. Really, I'm lost in what could have gone wrong. Any suggestions on what's wrong with it and what else I can try to make it work? Thanks! Mariana Carneiro (João Pessoa, PB, BR)
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Mariana Carneiro
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