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Feb 06, 2022
In Enclosures
Hello! I recently ordered one of the official AudioMoth cases. I'm thinking of buying a secondary piece of protection to keep out chewing mammals (maybe this will prevent membrane destruction?) and provide a bit of a roof to keep more rain off (hopefully that won't affect recording quality?). I'm leaning toward putting the AudioMoth inside a suet cage normally used for bird feeding. Anyway, in order to decide if this will work, I need to know the dimensions of the case, but I don't see these on the product description, and the links to the github page with technical specs appear broken. Does anyone know the outer dimensions of the case? Thanks!
Sep 15, 2021
In Device Support
Hi all! I have an AudioMoth I had installed for bat and bird monitoring. Unfortunately the casing I had did not hold up and it quickly had water that the device stayed soaked in for weeks. I'm guessing it's a lost cause, but... any advice on how I could get it working? I thoroughly dried with rice. Corroded on ~ 1/3 of device (on end that says "AudioMoth"). Flashes rapid red when I switch to default, battery indicator light works when I turn it off (4 flashes). Nothing when I turn it on. Still allows me to configure correctly and saves config file to SD card. Any input appreciated! Even if just advice on how to clean corrosion without further damaging, or how to dismantle to clean corrosion under green facing. THANK YOU!
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