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Maria Kantzaridou
Aug 19, 2022
In SD Card Support
Hi everyone, According to the SD-card guide, SanDisk Extreme 32GB/64GB Speed Class (U3) are the best choice we can make for AudioMoths deployments and this is the best type+brand of cards I have used to record bats so far. After reading the descriptions of SanDisk Extreme and SanDisk Extreme PRO cards, I haven' t found any significant (technical) differences between them. Just the word "PRO" and a slightly higher price of the last ones made me curious. Has anybody anything to comment on it? Thanks a lot! Maria
Maria Kantzaridou
Jul 02, 2022
In Device Support
Hello everyone! Short story: 3 functioning AMs, same configuration, brand new Intenso microSD cards U3, 64G. Problem with recordings. Two out of three collected no data --> cards not readable even though the laptop emitted the sound of recognition. Long story for the patient ones.... I' ve been using 5-7 different AMs to record the changing activity of a cluster of bats in a big cave for a year. The firmware is 1.6.0 and the appropriate cases are used to protect them. The recordings take place once-twice per month and last few hours per day. The duration of each period of recordings is about 1-2 weeks). So, the AudioMoths have been used a lot of times and under different levels of humidity (anyways high in the cave). Some data have been lost, even if the steps made have been the same after months of practice. Technical problems are not clear in my head, just speculating. Sometimes the recording problems must have been due to extra high humidity in combination with low temperature. Also, I observed that most of the μSD cards started malfunctioning (not readable ususally) after certain time of uses.... I don' t know if the cards are to blame or if the AMs "get tired" after a certain number of uses. At the moment the temperature is fine, in most of AMs I used brand new microSD cards. I really can not guess what's going wrong since the case is being used, temperature is fine and cards are new... Has anybody any similar experience=a lot of efforts of recording, a lot of cards dying...?? Thank you very very much, Maria :)

Maria Kantzaridou

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