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Nick Bruse
Jun 19, 2019
In Device Support
Hi all, I am looking for a logger solution and I want to confirm AudioMoth features. I have been through the FAQ and specs but its still not super clear. I'll list my requirements below, and if someone can provide some insight to each bullet in their response that would be great. I hope this helps. Things I have read: searched some of the forums Requirements What i want to do: log audio events in certain freq range, pre-process to limit audio frequencies recorded (my guess: yes) discard low noise periods, ie record on sound detection (my guess: no) only listen for certain noise events, eg DB level, freq params. access SD card data without removal of card. (my guess: no) pass events through to another device like rasp-pi, or send compressed audio, or only events which are detected over cellular to server. If you can let me know, both in terms of current capability and any future release plans that would be great. Thanks in advance. Nick

Nick Bruse

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