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Maeva Fernandes
Aug 17, 2021
In SD Card Support
Good afternoon! For my third-year Bachelor project, I'm working on bats populations and using 2 Audiomoths. A week ago, I had encountered the problem of empty files with one of the Audiomoth (not both). The Audiomoth was recording empty files all night. The first issue was the batteries. I changed them but still had the issue. I saw on the forum that it could be the SD card and I changed it. The problem was solved, except that now, I have the issue with the second one! My lecturer provided me the Audiomoths and the 2 SD cards. He bought everything at the same time and the SD cards are both the SanDisk 32 GB. It seems that there is an issue with this type of SD card and I would like to know if anyone had the same thing. Did you solve it with another method other than using another type of SD card? If there is no other solution than changing the card, I will have to use only 1 Audiomoth instead of 2 unfortunately. I also would like to be precise that the 2 SD cards are functional. I can read them on a computer and use them to transfer files for example. Thank you for reading and thank you for your possible responses! Maeva
Maeva Fernandes
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