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Karthik Ashok
Sep 05, 2018
In Device Support
I had purchased 5 audiomoth devices that were places inside an airport on the fences as a part of a fauna study project. I have found that, during the tests done before setting up the devices at the study site with the following configuration: Sampling rate: 48k, Medium gain, duty cycle: 5 s off/ 60 s off, the recordings were clear as expected with filterable low frequency noise. The SD cards used are SanDisk Extreme Plus. However, at the study site, whe setup with the same configuration, there were no audio samples recorded and the only day it recorded, each file had 0 Kb worth of data in it along with 4 records with 1 min worth of data in each as shown below: For the rest of the days, it recorded no data at the allotted times. Upon further tests outside the airport, the recordings gave the same results as the ones during the first tests. Is it possible that there can be internal interference in the audiomoth? If not, is anyone having a similar problem?
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Karthik Ashok

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