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Karina Townsend
Jul 09, 2020
In Device Support
Has anyone else encountered this teaser? I've downloaded and installed Wildlifeacoustics Kaleidoscope 5.2.1 and am running it in simple demo mode until I'm ready to use the full features for the 15 day free demo period. I've used an Audiomoth configured to record at 384KHz to survey an area for bats. I have recorded 10 full spectrum audio files at 2.21Gb each recorded over the course of one night - 5s gaps between files. The 32Gb SD card was formatted to ExFAT and .wav files have been recorded. I'm on a Mac OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) I can play back the resulting .wav files via my browser and can hear audio being played (obviously I can only hear the audio within the range of human hearing). I can also open the audio files using Adobe Audition although cannot play them back as Audition doesn't handle that sample rate. But in any case I know there is data in the files. When trying to open these files using Kaleidoscope however I get the error message given in the heading: Seek error on file - Error 22: Invalid Argument Kaleidoscope 'goes through the motions' of analysing my files but it's obvious that it's not actually seeing the recording information. I've tried a simple 'Open' from the file menu in Kaleidoscope and can open a regular audio file - something I recorded of myself and can visualise it etc. Any ideas? Also apologies if this is in the wrong section - I wasn't really sure where to put it and Wildlifeacoustics don't appear to have a user forum although I've emailed them directly.

Karina Townsend

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