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Time expansion in new Configuration App apparently not working.
In Configuration Support
Audiomoth stops recording
In Device Support
Apr 28, 2021
OK. I've tried a couple of tests using two short record / stop cycles with two different microSD cards, having brought the AM back indoors after supposedly recording last night (which failed completely; all blank files from start to finish). However, I switched it to default just before taking the card out and it recorded successfully for c. 10s (I didn't try longer). I tried the first test with 55s recording + 5s rest (empty files) over 5 cycles, with all files appearing and all empty. This despite it swtiching on OK and apparently recording with a red flashing light, before switching to dual red-green flashes. I tried a quick test immediately afterwards by switching to Default, which failed. I then tried another test with the same record/sleep cycle on a second card and it failed again. This time it barely came up with flashig red light to indicate recording, rather remaining almsot constantly on the dual red and green simultaneously flashing lights). So I'm assuming that it just doesn't have enough power. Having seen that they were recommended, I bought a pack of Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries at the beginning, which I assume are genuine, off Amazon, though they come with no mAh rating either on them or on the external packaging (odd, since I've read -goodness knows where on the web- that they're rated either as 2600 mAh or 2000 mAh. And they worked perfectly at the start, with the AM saying they were at >4,9V. After a very few recharging cycles though, it could be that they're become useless for the job, AND/OR my recharger isn't doing it's job either. Would it make sense that it saves file names and is triggered at the correct times, but leaves the files completely empty due to insufficient power? This is very frustrating! Many thanks in advance for any further suggestions / comments. John


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