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John Morgan
Mar 09, 2018
In Configuration Support
Just received new audiomoth. Followed online web instructions for configuration but computer is not recognising device when plugged in. Green led come on (not every time) but configuration program date / time screen does not turn from grey to black and show any changes. When trying to use 'Configuration Audiomoth' button on program just get a 'no entry symbol' and nothing happens. I have downloaded 32 & 64bit programs along with the timesetterX86 but none of them work. I am using Windows 10 platform, is this my problem? I have contacted a colleague who has had two delivered and he has the same problem and also using Windows 10. We have both tried new batteries and reformatting the sd card. When I put the default / usb off / custom switch to default I am managing to record wav file so am assuming the device is working?

John Morgan

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