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John Connock
Jul 06, 2020
In Enclosures
Hello all, I bought one of the Official Audiomoth IPX7 cases, the black color to be specific, and deployed it for five days to test the audio quality against my current case design. During those five days the weather was fair, ~80F high, ~65F low, and no rain. I was really satisfied with the quality of the audio files with the Official case however on retrieving the case I noticed that the membrane was now perforated. It is a small pin hole (see pics) but I did notice that it was enough for moisture to get in during a second 2-day deployment (~85F high, 70F low, light rain first night) to test just for that issue. I just wanted to share and see if any others had a similar issue. I saw on the forum that several had issues with the clasps breaking, which I fortunately have not had. I also wanted to ask who I should reach out to about potentially getting another membrane that I could apply to the case? I had thought of trying to just use some tape or piece of a ziploc bag but just wanted to see if it would be possible to get another membrane for the case. Thanks all! John
Membrane on Official IPX7 Waterproof Case Failed content media

John Connock

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