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Jairo Robla
Jul 09, 2020
In Enclosures
Hi! I'm prepairing my own enclosure for AudioMoth. I've used a light waterproof IP box. I put a little porexpan inside to fix the Audiomoth in a specific and adecuate position not moving. Then, I put the lid with a tiny hole where the microphone is situated. I'm here for asking for any ideas to cover that because I couldn't find an acoustic waterproof cloth. It's for personal use to study the environment of my house (I live in the field) and in the city, in my relatives houses , so I'm going to install and retire it always the the next morning (not more than one day out). So, any recommendations? As a subsitute for the «authentic acoustic waterproof cloth»... I suppose something thin could work well, like paper film or somethig, but I don't know how the audio quality could be. Thank u for your time.
Jairo Robla
Jul 06, 2020
In Configuration Support
Hi! I've bought recently an AudioMoth device for trying to record bats around the site I usually frequent. I've followed all the Configuration Guide, but the device is not recognized by the app, so I cannot get the device flashed with the last firmware. So, the configuration app doesn't work. I've read that it's probably that I'm using a charge cable instead of a connection cable. But my question, how can I buy a connection cable? Is there anyone symbol that identify this type of cable? I've tried 4 different cables, and no one works, so I supposed that they are all charge cables. Thank u for the help! Hug, J!

Jairo Robla

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