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Gerwin Meijer
Dec 06, 2020
In Device Support
I am recording 24/7 normal audio, sampling rate 16 kHz, trigger level 512. Estimated power consumption 260 mAh per day. I used Energizer Lithium batteries, guess ca. 2700 mAh capacity. Should be enough for ten days. I hoped to be able to change batteries once a week. At the first check, after a week, 4 Audiomoths with this configuration all had stopped after 4 days. I checked the batteries. They were absolutely depleted (most of them around 1,5 V). Metadata of the last files recorded show 4,6 V, for Lithium, I think, no power left. Outside temp ca. 6 degr. C, 32 GB SD card, 3-4 GB recorded. I used a cycle of 0 sleep, 10 sec recording, wich I now know, was faulty, I will change that to 5/295 no triggering for the next trial. What could have caused the quick discharge, is there a payoff on triggering?, on many files? on too short or no sleep cycle? I will continue this project, and report on future results with different strategy. In the mean time any suggestions are welcome....

Gerwin Meijer

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