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H Mohr
Aug 24, 2020
In Device Support
Hi everyone! So, I'm involved in a project where we use 40 AudioMoth devices (version 1.1.0) to sample bird vocalisations at dawn chorus and around sunset time. I've updated every AM device to firmware version 1.4.3 and used Set Time and checked the Local Time option on Configuration App (UTC -3). I created a regimen of continuous recording (for example: 06:30-08:30 and 17:50-18:50). Recording at 48kHz, Medium gain, Enabled LED, Enabled low-voltage cut-off, Enabled battery level indicator. Everything else is turned off. Everything packed up with fresh alkaline batteries form Duracell (reading was >4.9V). Everything with brand new FAT-32 formatted SanDisk 32GB Extreme microSD. So, I'm in the process of downloading the data collected and I'm surprised to find that after 15 days on field some of the devices stopped recording on day 3. When retrieving the devices from field sites I saw the green light flashing in the Custom mode - indicating that it was working properly and just waiting to record on next schedule. Batteries are still good after 15 days (4.2V-4.5V). Can someone shed some light on what could be the problem? I saved the configuration file and applied the same configuration to every device. So it doesn't seem to be human error. Any input to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Humberto Mohr
H Mohr
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