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Aug 13, 2019
In Configuration Support
Hi everyone, We're running an acoustic project that records evolving periods : periods are night from sunset to sunrise and are changing every day. We are therefore looking at 1) how to implement the sun almanac/recording periods into the firmware code (the only way to do so I believe) and 2) determine daily energy consumption and daily recording size for multiple combinations of settings (sample rate, sleep duration, recording duration, period length, gain). I have looked at lifeDisplay.js in the Configuration App code ( to get the mathematics behind the forecasts that the Configuration App gives us: Daily energy consumption Daily energy consumption = (totalRecLength * configuration.current / 3600) +[(86400 - totalRecLength) * sleepEnergy / 3600] totalRecLength equals [(completeRecCount*recLength)+truncatedRecTime] and is computed by the getDailyCounts function, and . Now I can't find configuration.current: where is it initialised and how is it computed? Daily recording size Single recording file size = configuration.sampleRate / configuration.sampleRateDivider * 2 * recLength recLength is the length in minutes of a recording period (parseInt(recordingDurationInput.value, 10)). And again I can't get my head around the configuration bit: configuration.sampleRate and configuration.sampleRateDivider. Where are they initialised, what are their values and how are they computed? Thanks for the help and above all thanks for the Audiomoth that allows us to do so much more.
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