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Emil Todorov
Dec 03, 2018
In Enclosures
Dear all, I would like to share our experience of finding suitable case for audiomoth. First of all, our study aims to evaluate the hunting pressure over the vulnerable Red-breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis) within the roosting areas (mostly natural lakes) in SE Romania during the winter period when the geese are inhabiting those wetlands. We have selected this junction box, which were quite cheap, 0.61 Euro: Certified as IP54 with dimensions, 75 x 75 x 36 mm, very much closer to the size of the audiomoth. Those two ears makes the installation with plastic strips much easier, especially on tree branches. We have tested those junction boxes under water (over 30 min) and we have found just some drops inside, so it should resist on any water jets. In our study region we might have rain and snowfall, mixed with some freezing temperatures. Small 5 mm hole was drilled of the case’ cap where the microphone is located and covered by waterproof acoustic membranes (IP67), ordered from The membranes are coming with some really strong adhesive around the margins, so no chance of falling down. To avoid any possible movements of the audiomoth inside the box we have glued the device to the case cap with double sided adhesive tape, looking carefully to place the microphone over the drilled hole. The adhesive type was so strong that we have managed to dispatch the circuit board from the battery compartment! Than we used some small pieces of isolating material to seal the space in the box, in order to prevent possible movements due to strong wind. In order to create some camouflage effects of the box we sprayed the boxes with two different colors, because we don’t want the hunters to see our boxes:). To ensure much more water resistance of the box we used some durable, waterproof, one-sided adhesive tape to seal the box. Finally, the box was fastened of the tree branches with those plastic strips, mention above. That’s all. I hope all is set well and we will have good recordings. All the best, Emil

Emil Todorov

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