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Elsa Kohane
Jun 14, 2022
In Configuration Support
Hi there, I've been recording as T.WAV files, and I now want to expand all of my files so that I can process them. However, using the Configuration App and 'Expand Audiomoth T.WAV recordings', you can open either multiple files (with the newest update) or a single folder. I have 40+ folders of files, so having to manually select each one is pretty time consuming and tedious. The same applies for splitting files. Additionally, if you rename the files before trying to split or expand them, the configuration app no longer recognises them. I thought a way around the folder issue could be to combine all my audiomoth files into a single folder, but I don't want to combine non-renamed files because I need to know where they came from. I have seen that expanding can be scripted with JavaScript or C, but I'm not confident in how to run these (and am on Windows). It also seems like both of these only run one folder at a time anyway. So, is there a way to iterate the expansion process over multiple folders? And can the JavaScript be run in Python (which I am slightly more familiar with)? Or, just generally, is there a better solution that would allow me to process these files quicker? Thanks!

Elsa Kohane

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