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Edgars Dzenis
Aug 10, 2022
In Device Purchase
Hello everybody! I`m a researcher in need of Audio Moths. Seeing the bad news about shortage of the parts to produce them, I came to idea of the renting the already owned ones. Since there are few versions out there, they should all be compatible to each other. I read that in later version a better microphone is installed, well, that`s a matter of decision. If it`s a highly scientific case where all the equipment is defined and reglamented, there might be limitations, but in my case, to detect hard - to - detect Eagle Owl in huge forest territories, any version of Audio Moth would fit. I wonder if all the Audio Moths in existance are out there recording 24/7? In northern Europe, where I come from, the recording season for birds would be February to July maximum. The rest of the year the devices would lie in shelf. If such similar seasonability would occur in Southern hemisphere also, for example, the idle periods for devices would not overlap, they`d complement each other in such a way, that devices when idling in Northern hemisphere, could be sent over to Southern hemisphere to operate and vice versa. So, I`m not promoting a rental business here, what I`m promoting is Audio Moth enthusiasts helping each other with their devices when they are idling. In other words, no harm done, no need to pull the Moths from the field, no! Yet, when the season`s over, why not offer the devices idling to somebody who need them right then, to receive them back when they`re needed again. I offered this to the device creators team also, no answer yet. I believe there are online platforms out there suitable for this to organize. The question - is there anybody reading this willing to give away his owned Audio Moths for a certain period of year to some random guy at the other side of the world? It`s mostly the question of time, money and trust.

Edgars Dzenis

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