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Oct 24, 2020
In Configuration Support
Using windows 10, flash app 1.1.0, audiomoth 1.0.0. Batteries out, data cable works for data transfer with phone . Switch usb/off. No audiomoth found. Manual switch instructions: switch to custom then plug in; red and green lights flash. Choose "LEDs are flashing" option on screen. Then nothing happens. No further instructions appear. While leds still flashing, try paper clip connection. LEDs stop flashing. Flash app still does not register audiomoth. Exit and restart flash app. No sign of life or recognition by flash app. Un-plug, replug usb.....flashing starts, but no further progress. Switch to different computer. Windows 8 version 6.3. Flash app 1.1.0 opened. This shows a range of versions to choose from, which didn't appear on the other computer (1.0.0 to 1.4.4). Switch Custom. Plug in audiomoth; red green LEDs flash. No moth recognised. Select show manual instructions. Select LEDs are flashing. Goes to paper-clip instruction screen (a step further than the other computer). Press on paperclip. LEDs stop flashing. Computer makes noise like something being disconnected. No audiomoth found. I noticed another thread where someone was recommended to try a different computer (see above!). I ran through this with two audiomoths; same result. Please let me know if you have any idea how to resolve this.
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