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Sep 06, 2021
In Flashing support
Hi, I am trying to connect an HTI-96min hydrophone to the audiomoth PCB. I also wanted to power the unit with a battery pack. I was successful in soldering everything but ran into a problem. After configuring the device with the app and switching to Custom mode the green LED was flashing as it should but when it was supposed to record the red led blink twice and then both lights were flashing as if it had not been able to read the configuration. It recorded an electric signal but no sound. I have attached pictures of the Configuration file and the work I did. I think I may have soldered the mic in the wrong configuration or maybe the hydrophone needs a separate power source. I have attached a word document showing my work as well as the sounds recorded. I believed cable 1 was positive, Cable 2 negative, and Cable 3 signal. Please advice. Thank you
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