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Jun 04, 2020
In Flashing support
Goal: Flash our AM devices from 1.2.1 to 1.4.0 Issue: The Flash app returns a “Failed to open port” error Computer Settings: Dell Latitude E5540 laptop running Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit OS and x64 processor. Detailed Description of the Problem: I wanted to flash our AudioMoth (AM) devices (10 in total) to upgrade the firmware from 1.2.1. to 1.4.0. First, I connected one of our AMs to the computer via USB cord (2.0) to check if the USB was working / the configuration app recognized the AM. The configuration app did see the AM and gave me the warning that I should update to the most recent firmware. Further, the flash app recognized the device and that it was in using the 1.2.1 firmware. I then clicked on, and followed, the instructions to manually switch to Flash Mode. Disconnected the AM from the USB Set the switch to CUSTOM and removed batteries Connected AM to computer via USB Both LEDs were flashing Used a metal paperclip to connect the two contacts marked “PROG”until the LEDs stopped flashing (sidenote: my computer makes a USB connect/disconnect sound at this point) App displays the the verify connection message: “Current status: found audiomoth in flash mode with a serial bootloader” Next, I followed the instructions and set the switch to USB/OFF and tried to flash the AM. Note that at this point the Flash AudioMoth button is that brighter green and selectable. At this point the Flash progress bar very briefly appears and then I get the following error: "Failed to open port. Could not connect to AudioMoth. Reconnect device and flash again." I disconnected and reconnected the AM to the computer via USB in order to try again. However, on reconnecting the USB it appears the Flash app no longer recognizes / can find the AM. I did not hear a USB connection noise. I tried restarting my computer and repeating all of the above with the next AM and nothing changed. I also tried the old way of flashing an AM from the command line. Following the same steps as listed in the offline manual under "Flashing the firmware" I got the flash.exe from your github and put it in the same folder as the 1.4.0.bin. I was able to check ports using flash.exe but trying to flash to a selected port fails and returns the "Incorrect arguments" error. Appreciate any guidance given. Thank you!
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