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Sep 30, 2021
In Configuration Support
Hi there, I used local time to configure our audiomoths a couple years ago. We were near Tahiti (so UTC -10); however, I used my computer on Pacific time (UTC -8) to set some of the moths. I assumed that since my computer was 2 hours off, I would need to correct the times later. But, the strange thing is that all of the time stamps are correct for local time. For example, I deployed two moths and they both were supposed to start recording at 8am but they were set with different computers on different UTCs. So, one file will say 08:00 UTC -10 and the other will say 08:00 UTC -8. I expected the one on UTC -8 to say 10:00 (which I could then correct to the right local time). I am concerned because I thought the embedded file information was accurate, and was using that to correct other files but that does not seem to be the case here. Hopefully I am just missing something obvious here! Any insight would be appreciated - thank you.


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