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Arne H
Jan 15, 2020
In Enclosures
Hi, I am using my audiomoths in an area where windless days are unfortunately rare. Has anyone experience with microphone windscreens/foam? I use plastic ziplock bags and wondered if it would help to first put either the entire audiomoth in a microphone windscreen or at least cover the microphone opening itself before putting it in a ziplock bag. Has anyone experience with that and can give some recommendations? My main interest are calls at 300-600 Hz so noise from wind is a serious issue. Thanks Arne
Arne H
Jan 02, 2020
In Configuration Support
Hi, I am a new user of audiomonth and new to bioacustics as well, so my question might be naive but I still hope somebody can help me. I want to use the audiomonth to monitor owls. The species of interest (Eagle Owl) calls in the range of 300-600 Hz. When doing some tests over the last days, I can clearly hear the calls on the audio, but when looking at the spectrograms the calls are hard or even impossible to detect among the noise signals. This is not the case for higher frequency calls by other species though as the noise is limited to below 600 Hz. As I will have thousands of hours of recording later, I was hoping to see the calls on the spectrograms, rather than needing to listen to everything. Is there any possibility to reduce the noise signature other than reducing the gain? Would it help to have microphone foam around the entire audiomoth? Thanks Arne
Arne H
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