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Nov 24, 2020
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The new AudioMoth 1.2.0 with firmware version 1.5.0 on-wards can be adapted to be compatible with external electret condenser mono microphones, commonly known as plug-in powered (PIP) microphones. To adapt the hardware, you'll need the 3.5 mm jack socket (SJ2-35464A-SMT-TR), which can be soldered to the exposed pads on the front AudioMoth surface. The 3.5 mm jack socket can be sourced from a number of suppliers here. PIP microphone assemblies are available, such as the Primo EM258 or they can be built from components. AudioMoth 1.2.0 can be used with a wide variety of differently wired 3.5 mm jack plugs. To find out more, read our full application note on using AudioMoth with external microphones here.
AudioMoth 1.2.0 microphone compatibility content media


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