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Open Acoustic Devices is a small, UK-based research group formed from a collaboration between the University of Southampton and Oxford University. We design, support and deploy open-source acoustic hardware and software for our user community, as well as our own environmental and wildlife monitoring projects.


Our main research contribution is AudioMoth, which has been used in multiple applications, including automating the search for an elusive insect species, monitoring poaching by gunshot and listening for ultrasonic bat calls.

Our goal is to improve the accessibility and usability of acoustic technology for conservation using open-science. 

Thinking of writing AudioMoth into a proposal? Contact us for help putting it together.

Alex Rogers

Team Leader


Oxford University


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Dr Jake Snaddon

Environmental Scientist

University of Southampton

Andrew Hill

Electronic Engineer

PhD Researcher

University of Southampton


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Dr Evelyn Piña Covarrubias


University of Southampton

Peter Prince

Algorithm & Software Developer

PhD Researcher

University of Southampton


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Patrick Doncaster

Professor of Ecology

University of Southampton

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